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HOPO is the leading supplier of quality ensured window and door fitting, ventilator for window and living room as well as air management system and intelligent opening system for door and window, etc. Moreover, comprehensive service system of sales and after-sales are backed with expertise and discretion, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Before Sales
1. Technical Clarification & Specification
We will provide prompt and accurate responses to your calls and e-mails, covering all things you need to know including product price, material, application and package, etc.

2. Custom Solutions
As for customers in need of non-standard processing, our technicians will offer in-depth communications with you, whereby to give the optimized furniture fitting solution in accordance with your specific requirements.

3. Various Fitting Solutions
We also have a diverse array of standard window and door fitting solutions to meet your needs. Please refer to Window and Door Hardware Solution webpage for more details.

4. Installation Drawings
Based on your profile materials, we will provide standard installation manual to make clearance on applications, installation, test and the list of additional components for your reference.

5. Quote
Accurate quote is conducted on the basis of your specific requirements.

During Sales
1. Delivery Cycle

Samples will be delivered within 1 week. Proper adjustments on some specifications such as colors can be done without impacting testing and installation. Trial orders will be delivered within 2 weeks. Volume orders, based on pre-made plans, will be delivered within 1 month. Custom products delivery cycle depend on actual situations.

2. Order Tracking
After order placement, we will have exclusive staff to track orders and offer in-time order information.

3. Package
Our package is normally carton. Larger carton is available as exterior protection for small products. Products in large volume or of long delivery distance will be packed with wooden cases or trays.

4. Transportation
We are nimble in terms of sea transportation, air transportation, railway transportation and express, etc. Main ports in China are optional for delivery.

Based on different product features and application requirements, we offer quality warranty accordingly. If quality failure occurs within warranty time, free exchange service will be provided.