1. AGC30.20.012 GearboxZinc alloy, painted surface
      The AGC30.20.012 gearbox is coupling with espag for locking of aluminum alloy door.
    1. AGC30.23.012 GearboxZinc alloy, painted surface
      Incorporating with espag, our AGC30.23.012 gearbox is well-suited for locking of aluminum alloy door.
    1. AGC30.30.012 GearboxAGC30.30.012 gearbox can work together with espag and lock keep to lock side hung aluminum alloy door. When coupling with lock cylinder, our door hardware can be applied to entrance door or office door to offer high level of security.
    1. AGC51.28 GearboxThe AGC51.28 gearbox is ruggedly designed for side hung aluminum alloy door locking. Coupling with espag and lock keep, door opening and locking can be performed via lock cylinder.
    1. AGC65.14.021 GearboxThe AGC65.14.021 gearbox is specially engineered for narrow aluminum alloy profile. In HOPO SF65 aluminum slide-folding door fitting, this door hardware incorporates with shoot bolt for lock function.
  • Friction HingesOur friction hinges are exclusively engineered window fixings for outward opening windows. It is made from 304 stainless steel and opening angle is customizable to fit your needs.
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  • CylindersDue to specialty of profile doors and eccentric design, our lock fitting is available in a substantial amount of models. As a multifaceted supplier of window and door hardware, we also provide cylinder cover.