ATA80 Outward Opening Window Fitting, Side Hung / Top Hung

  • When it is sunny, open the window and
    enjoy the sunshine.
  • When it rains, open the windows in another way:
    top hung. The air is fresh, and keep the air in
    circulation. The weather changes will not affect him
    play with the children.
Name: Outward Opening Window Fitting
  • Configuration Diagram
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Configuration Table
Outward Opening Window Fitting with C Groove
No. Name Serial number Quantity Remark
1 Handle, left / right PH105.40.04R/L 1 Left handle and right handle
2 Safety drive housing AGW50.30.021 1 Center distance 30mm
3 Angle actuator ACT10.00.021 2 Lock point height 6.5mm
4 Double lock point lock bar ALR80.00.38 1 Double lock point
5 Flat hinge ATH80.00.38 1
6 Hinge assembly, silver oxide AHA80.00.011 1
7 Lock bar ALR10.00.021 1 Lock point height 6.5mm
8 Middle lock angle actuator AMCT10.00.021 1
9 Support arm ASA50.30.021 1 Hung distance 120mm
10 Suspended seal lock bracket ALP11.13.01C021 1 Safe and multi-functional
11 Lock bracket ALP10.00.021 2 1 set
Sash width (SW) Sash height (SW)
Min. Max. Min. Max.
Support arm (<600) 450 800 530 2000

1. If the sash width or sash height is over than 1200mm, we recommend you to install the intermediate lock.
2. Safety drive housing is necessary component in this system.
3. All drive components are required to be coated with grease.

Turn-out and Awning-stay window fitting ATA80 (patented)
ATA80 is the first fitting for casement and awning window in the world, with the anti-drop function, it has passed the test of European certificate organization.

For decades of years after tilt-turn window was invented, there has been no similar solution for outward opening windows. The main difficulty is not easy to solve the problem of anti-drop in awning position. An outward opening window would be perfect if it could be opened in light rain and saved space inside the room. The awning window can prevent rain water into the room if the rain is not so heavy. Keep air circulating in light rain is good for health because the air quality is less polluted.

The first turn-out and awning fitting (ATA80.00) launched in 2014, and it has reached the service life test according the European standard (25,000 circles) in the company’s test center. ATA80.00 already accepted very positive response from the market. However, HOPO has not stopped his effort to improve the fitting system. The new generation of our product has passed a test by an European test authority, it has reached a higher level than the old one. In 2015, the newest turn-out and awning fittings ATA80.10 have been launched in the market.

Our product has the improvement in aspects of force-structure on top staying-structure in the awning position. Open limit stay with turn-out position is the standard component of the package.
1). Gear side on the top, side-supporting structure has replaced the former top-locking-plate, balanced the load of the hinge side to enhance the stability in awning position, and released the space to arrange the open stay, so that can provide safety in turn-out position. The open stay on the top and the supporting stay arm on the bottom ensure safety for the opened turn-out leaf.

2). Supporting mechanism on the bottom in awning position is a very difficult problem for awning position. The first generation of ATA80 used a spring structure to keep the leaf awning, and fatigue strength of the spring could be decreased after certain time. The problem could be severe in case of heavy wind with air turbulence.

The new turn-out and awning fitting features mechanism design of the support-stay-arm to solve the instability problem in awning position, and can afford heavy wind load. The strong holding mechanism in the awning position can be released with soft push, and close the window easily.

Outward Opening Window Fittings and Packing Diagrams
Hinge Assembly: AHA80

Name: Hinge Assembly
Product number: AHA80.00.AA
Description: hinge assembly _ common _ color
Color options: AA means color, silver/bronze
Application: used for top hung, connected with sash and frame for bearing

Suspension Hinge: ATH80

Product number: ATH80.00.38
Description: suspension hinge _ common _ stainless steel HOPO
Application: outward opening system

Rocker Arm: ASA50.30

Name: 50 Rocker Arm Component
Product number: ASA50.30.021
Description: suitable for the window with sash width below 600mm, zinc
Packing Specification: 8pcs in one box

Drive Housing: AGW50.30.021

Product number: AGW50.30.021
Description: anti-misoperation drive housing _ center distance 30mm _ zinc HOPO
Surface finishing: electroplating

Falling Protector: ADD20.00.011

Product number: ADD20.00.011X
Description: falling protector _ common _ silver, non-standard
Application: used with hinge

Handle: PH105.AA.BBL/R

Product number: PH105.AA.BBL/R
Description: PH105 handle_ spindle_ color
Spindle length: AA indicates the spindle length can be customized
Color options: BB means color, silver/bronze
L/R: left and right
Surface finishing: oxidation
Application: outward opening window, with left and right side

Suspension Support: ASS80.00.021

Wind Brace: ATR80.12C38

The outward opening window fitting (side hung / top hung) is a patented product which is developed by HOPO since 7 years ago. It adds the hung mode opening way on the basis of the whole advantages of outward opening window. It has two functions of flat opening and hung, which has broke the conventional design. After 5 years of experiment, 200,000 times of test data analysis for 90kg window sash, HOPO started to sell this kind of window in global market in November 2014. Our outward opening window fitting (side hung / top hung) has greatly improved the comfort for living at home.

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