Special Sliding Door and Window Lock

As a multifaceted supplier of home improvement products, we are also nimble in terms of special sliding door and window lock. Our security product includes butterfly lock, crescent lock and MA lock. These locking systems are highly distinguished by ingenious appearance and practical functions. Therefore, our special sliding door and window lock can also be applied as handle for easy operation.

    1. Butterfly LockThis furniture hardware is well-suited for large sliding door and sliding window. Smooth and gentle angle of our butterfly lock delivers unbelievable comfort of touch.
    1. Crescent LockThe crescent lock is highly renowned for excellence in terms of design, material selection and processing precision. This window furniture has emerged as the high-end lock solution for luxury sliding profiles.
    1. MA Lock

      This locking system has been extensively applied to sliding door and active sash. One of the remarkable characteristics of MA lock is free from visual influence caused by handle.

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