Crescent Lock

Although crescent lock is the most common window lock, our CL437 crescent lock is highly renowned for excellence in terms of design, material selection and processing precision. This window furniture has emerged as the high-end lock solution for luxury sliding profiles.

1. We adopt zinc alloy die casting treatment to the main body of this window fitting. The sliding hook is made from SS304 stainless steel and refined processing. As a result, our crescent lock exceeds your expectation on mechanical strength.

2. The main body of our window hardware receives painting surface treatment. Plenty of colors are available. The sliding hook part adopts SS3304 stainless steel and has polished surface.

3. Our crescent lock falls into left sided and right sided, thus being capable to meet specific applications. Exclusive locking plate is required.

1. CL437.01.011, CL437.01.09L

Name: Crescent Lock
Code: CL437.01.01.L
Code Description:
CL437: type
01: short handle
07: white color
01: silver color
Material: zinc alloy, painted surface
Application: aluminum alloy profile and sliding window. This furniture accessory has left sided type and right sided type. Selection is based on application.

2. SBL40.00.07

Name: Slide Fastener
Code: SBL40.00.07
Code Description: 07: white color
Material: zinc alloy, painted surface
Application: sliding system

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