Butterfly Lock

The butterfly lock is named after its symmetrical installation method. The standard configuration is a butterfly lock and a fake handle functioning as lock keep.

1. This home security product is the surface mounted hardware applied to sliding door and window. Thanks to relatively low requirements on profile structure, customers avail from easy installation.

2. This furniture hardware is well-suited for large sliding door and sliding window. Smooth and gentle angle of our butterfly lock delivers unbelievable comfort of touch.

3. Based on actual situations, we practically provide manual mode and automatic mode. Lock keep selection is also varied to fit your specific furniture. As for double leaf door and window, fake handle is another preferred option to achieve balanced visual effects.

4. In order to cater to various security needs, our furniture fitting is offered with lock cylinder. Outdoor solution involves the utilization of standard handle or handle with lock cylinder, as well as indoor butterfly lock.

Butterfly lock installation may be varied by profile structures. Please contact our technicians for selection advice.

1. 2 Leaf Door Configuration
(1) Sash without Lock Cylinder
(2) Sash with Lock Cylinder
2. 4 Leaf Sliding Door Solution
3. Special Solution
General Configuration of Butterfly Lock
Item Code Quantity
Solution 1 2 leaf sliding door Sash without lock cylinder Keep BH461.60.04 1
Manual handle (right) BH461.01.04R 1
Handle (without lock) BH461.50.04 1
Sash with lock cylinder Keep BH461.60.04 1
Manual handle (left) BH461.02.04R 1
Handle (with lock) BH461.60.04 1
Solution 2 4 leaf sliding door Manual handle (right) BH461.01.04R 1
Manual handle (left) BH461.01.04L 1
Handle (without lock) BH461.50.04 3
Keep BH461.60.04 2
Manual handle (right) BH461.02.04R 1
Handle (with lock) BH461.51.04 1
Fake handle BH461.00.04 1
Solution 3 Special Configuration Indoor manual handle with lock (left/right) BH461.03.04L/R 1
Additional automatic-closing handle with lock BH461.12.04 1
Automatic-closing handle BH461.11.04 1
Handle (with lock) BH461.51.04 1
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