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Lift and Slide Door Handle

The product name implies that this handle series is specially designed for lift and slide door. In order to meet the needs for large load bearing capacity, our door furniture is made from high strength metal materials, and handle base structure is endowed with outstanding lever ratio. Therefore, customers benefit from easy and smooth door operation.

Our lift and slide door handle involves the utilization of pure aluminum alloy and silver oxide surface finish. With the commitment to various levels of security, our door hardware is available as extensive array of combinations.


1. LSBR725.00.015

Name: Lifting Roller
Code: LSBR725.00
Code Description:
00: espag length, default value is 1.1m, options: 00-1.1m, 15-1.5m, 18-1.8m
Material: base: zinc alloy, panel: stainless steel
Application: sliding door system, incorporating with espag, load bearing: 250kg

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