AH Series: Geared Handle

Our AH series geared handle is made from top-ranking zinc alloy die casting. This furniture hardware works together with locking mechanism and espag, thus offering optimized locking solution to inward opening aluminum alloy window and outward opening window on curtain wall.

The base of our geared handle comprises gear transmission system featuring extremely high efficiency and strength. As a result, our window fitting is highly recommended for multi-point aluminum alloy window requiring exceptional wind resistance. Moreover, the selection of this furniture handle is focused on proper fork length which is determined by thickness of aluminum alloy profile and C groove placement.

Color Options
Our geared handle is varied by colors of painted white, matte black, copper and silver.

1. White door fitting is well-suited to promote environment brightness in a holistic approach.

2. Matte black handle adds a touch of classic beauty to your space.

3. Copper handle comes with elegance, and is extensively applied to luxury atmosphere.

4. Handle in silver color demonstrates metallic touch, showing off occupant’s unique tastes.


1. AH500.AA.BB (Sample: AH500.25.011)
AH500: type 500, AA: fork length BB: color
AA: plug length 011: silver oxide
Options: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm Options: 069: matte black, 011: sliver oxide, 04: copper oxide, 07: painted white, etc.
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