Hinges are the predominant factor in determining door opening flexibility. Proper door hinge not only prolongs lifespan of window and door, but also delivers high levels of comfort and living environment. It is also the essential element in furniture locking system.

Design Concept
Our hinge design is conducted in tune with our significant standard which shows that different profiles come with different load bearing properties. Based on this principle, we know that steel lining is the load bearing component for PVC profile. Clamping method is suitable for aluminum alloy profile, rather than screw connecting approach which damages surface. As for alu-wood profile, hinge is fixed on aluminum part.


Hinges 1

1. AMH51.07, AMH51.04, AMH51.069, AMH51.011

Name: Middle Hinge for Casement Window
Code: AMH51.012
Code Description:
AMH51: type
07: white, 04: bronze, 069: matte black, 011: black
Material: aluminum alloy
Application: C groove 15-20mm profile, inward opening casement system, max. load bearing: 70kg

2. PSH60.07

Name: Hinge
Code: PSH60.012
Code Description:
PSH: hinge
60: type, PVC lamination system 60#
012: painted silver, options: 07: painted white, 06: painted black
Material: zinc alloy, painted surface
Application: well-suited for PVC lamination system to offer functions of connecting, load bearing and fixing.
Load bearing: 120kg (three as a group)

3. ASH60.2034.012, ASH60.2034.069, ASH60.2034.07

Name: 60# Folding Hinge
Application: folding door and window
012: silver, 069: matte black, 07: white

4. ASH65.02.011, ASH65.02.069

Name: 65# Folding Hinge
Code: ASH65.02.011
Code Description:
ASH: Overlay hinge
65: type, 65 overlay series
02: gauge, adjustable hinge
011: color of silver oxide
069: matte black
Material: aluminum profile
Application: Aluminium alloy profile, folding door and window

Hinges 2

5. ABH50.00.012, ABH50.00.043, ABH50.00.069, ABH50.00.07

Name: Barrel Hinge
Code: ABH50.00.012
Code Description:
ABH: barrel hinge
50: hinge type
00: general gauge
012: silver, 043: bronze, 069: matte black, 07: white
Material: aluminum alloy, painted surface
Application: aluminum alloy profile, casement system

6. AHH65.011, AHH65.069

Name: Hinge with Handle Set
Code: AHH65.011
Code Description:
AHH: hinge handle set
65: type
011: silver, 069: matte black
Material: hinge: aluminum profile, handle set: zinc alloy
Application: aluminum alloy folding door. Hinge with handle set provides much easier opening and closing operation.

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