Butterfly Lock Solution

The name of our butterfly lock solution is derived from its symmetrical structure. The standard installation involves the utilization of fake door handle functioning as lock keep. Thissurface mounted hardware is highly applicable for large sliding window and door. Customers benefit from easy installation and aesthetic appearance.

1. Our butterfly lock solution is the ideal blend of lock and handle. It has relatively low requirements on profile structure, thus drastically increasing its flexibility. Please contact our technicians for more technical details.

2. This locking system offers automatic and manual mode to fit your specific needs. Thanks to its smooth surface finish, higher level of operation comfort is ensured.

3. Lock keep can be varied in accordance with door frame. Fake handle is recommended for 2 leaf door fitting to achieve better visual effects.

4. In order to meet diversified requirements on security level, our butterfly lock solution can be offered with or without lock cylinder. As for outdoor application, our security system can be set up with standard handle or handle with lock cylinder. Furthermore, indoor butterfly lock is also needed.

1. 2 Leaf Door Configuration
(1) Sash without Lock Cylinder
(2) Sash with Lock Cylinder

2. 4 Leaf Sliding Door Solution

3. Special Solution

General Configuration of Butterfly Lock Solution

Item Code Quantity
Solution 1 2 leaf sliding door Sash without lock cylinder Keep BH461.60.04 1
Manual handle (right) BH461.01.04R 1
Handle (without lock) BH461.50.04 1
Sash with lock cylinder Keep BH461.60.04 1
Manual handle (left) BH461.02.04R 1
Handle (with lock) BH461.60.04 1
Solution 2 4 leaf sliding door Manual handle (right) BH461.01.04R 1
Manual handle (left) BH461.01.04L 1
Handle (without lock) BH461.50.04 3
Keep BH461.60.04 2
Manual handle (right) BH461.02.04R 1
Handle (with lock) BH461.51.04 1
Fake handle BH461.00.04 1
Solution 3 Special Configuration Indoor manual handle with lock (left/right) BH461.03.04L/R 1
Additional automatic-closing handle with lock BH461.12.04 1
Automatic-closing handle BH461.11.04 1
Handle (with lock) BH461.51.04 1
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