Aluminum Slide-Folding Door Fitting

The SF 65 aluminum slide-folding door fitting is characterized by easy installation. This door hardware solution provides smooth opening and exceptional loading capacity.

1. Diverse Door Types

This access solution has lower requirements on profile materials. However, various door types are compatible, including single-leaf side hung door, double-leaf side hung door, bifold door, folding door and fake muntin folding door. In order for maximized safety, our aluminum slide-folding door fitting is fitted with anti-clamping device. Recessed round sliding track is available to bypass color fading problem caused by friction.

2. Exquisite Appearance
Hinges are installed among profiles with minimized exposing parts. Therefore, customers enjoy harmonious layout and exceptional visual comfort. Door type replacement is readily implemented by changing roller components. Basically, rollers can invisible when folding doors are closed. As for bifold door, rollers are hidden for both closing and opening status.

3. Easy Installation
Installation of hinges and roller components cannot be easier. There is absolutely no need for professional drilling equipment and damage to your beloved doors. All you need is to adjust screws for fast installation and maintenance.

4. Outstanding Roller Components
With the utilization of our superior roller components, remarkable loading capacity reaches 90kg for each leaf. Ingenious concept has been poured into roller design. Bottom rollers comprise 4 stainless steel load-bearing rollers and 2 guiding rollers. Upper rollers consist of 2 plastic guiding rollers and 2 plastic supporting rollers. These rollers are working in independent mechanism, thus ensuring extra-smooth open and close.

Basic Components of SF 65 Aluminum Slide-Folding Door Fitting
1. Roller Components (ABR65.30.011)

Our sliding system is highly distinguished by its off-center loading bearing structure. This results from the situation that when door leaf slides, its center of gravity moves away from sliding track, thus causing tremendous side loading for roller components. This side loading directly impacts on upper roller, so we adopt self-lubricated rollers made from powder metallurgy.

During door opening, bottom roller bears weight of door leaf and side loading. Therefore, we utilize stainless steel roller to provide sufficient strength and quality for smooth operation. Moreover, this roller is allowed for adjustment in 3 directions. Its C groove slot installation system requires no screws.

2. Folding Hinges (ASH65.02.011)
Folding hinges are made from high-end aluminum alloy and adopts C groove slot mechanism for installation.

3. Handle (AHH65.011)
The handle is placed on out-swing door leaf at about 1m height for easy door operation.

Our aluminum slide-folding door fitting is available in two different folding doors: medium slide-folding door 422 (double leaf) and large slide-folding door 431 (three leaf).

1. General Configuration of Medium Slide-Folding Door 422

No. Item Code Quantity Note
1 Roller Components ABR65.20.021 2
2 Hinge Components ASH65.02.011 12
3 Gearbox AGC65.14.021 4
4 Handle PH172.40.028 4
5 Espag ASB65.00.06 4

2. General Configuration of Large Aluminum Slide-Folding Door 431

No. Item Code Quantity
1 Roller Components ABR65.30.011 1
2 Hinge Components ASH65.02.011 10
3 Buckle TBL65.06 1
4 Gearbox AGC65.14.021 2
5 Handle PH100.04.011 2
6 Espag ASB65.00.06 2
7 Double Sided Handle HSD53.028028L/R 1
8 Lock Mechanism SDL52.35.16C38 1
9 Lock Cylinder C98.4545C029 1
10 Adjustable Keep ALPD50.03.1T021L/R 1
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