Aluminum Swing Door Fitting

Our aluminum swing door fitting is the door hardware solution with European profile groove applicable for balcony due to its relatively low security.

This home improvement product features aesthetic design, for its door handle is facing downwards when locked. Therefore, our security solution stands out from normal door fittings, where horizontally placed handle isn’t that appropriate on locked glazed door.

1. Based on diversified door width, we are able to offer matching gearbox with proper parameters. Moreover, gearbox can be added with lock cylinder for enhanced security.

2. Multi-point lock is available in this aluminum swing door fitting for minimized impacts on door dimensional stability.

3. Hinge option falls into two choices which vary significantly in terms of appearance and loading capacity. We offer 90kg and 150kg loading capacities for your selection. Quantity of hinge is determined by door height and width.

General Configuration (Gearbox with lock)

Solution Item Code Unit Quantity Note
Locking Solution 1:
Gearbox without Lock
1-1. Gearbox AGC30.30.012 Pcs 1 Dual-Direction, 30mm
1-2. Gearbox AGC50.28.021 Pcs Single Direction, 28mm
1-2. Gearbox AGC50.33.021 Pcs Single Direction, 33mm
1-2. Gearbox AGC50.43.021 Pcs Single Direction, 43mm
2. Espag ALR10.00.021 Pcs 2-3
3. Keep ALP10.00.021 Pcs 2-3
4. Singe-sided Handle PH100.35.07 Pcs 1
Locking Solution 2:
Gearbox with Lock
5. Gearbox with Lock AGC51.23.021 Pcs 1 Single Direction, 23mm
5. Gearbox with Lock AGC51.28.021 Pcs Single Direction, 28mm
5. Gearbox with Lock AGC51.33.021 Pcs Single Direction, 33mm
5. Gearbox with Lock AGC51.43.021 Pcs Single Direction, 43mm
4. Double-sided Handle PH100.00.07 Set 1 White
PH101.00.07 1 White
Square Spindle for Handle SP7.102 Pcs 1 (7×7)102mm
Screw SC5.01.75 Pcs 2 M5×75
6. Lock Cylinder Cover CC50.0707 Set 1 White (both sides)
7. Lock Cylinder C98.4040C029 Pcs 1
Loading CapacityF Solution 1 8. Three Leaf Hinge AMH51.011 Pcs 2-3 70-90kg
Loading CapacityF Solution 2 9. Cylinder Hinge ABH50.00.012 Pcs 2-3 120-150kg
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