Handle-Operated Multi-Point Door Lock

The handle-operated multi-point door lock is ruggedly designed for aluminum alloy door. This door handle lock is highly distinguished by its technical improvement in door dimensional stability and security.

This multi-point door lock is handle-operated. After closing the door, you simply lift up the handle to actuate multi locking points and use key to lock the door through cylinder. As for opening, you want to use the key to release the locking mechanism in the first place, and then press down the door handle to release multi-point lock.

This kind of door security product is highly recommended for applications where safety is the primary concern. SDLH51 multi-point locking mechanism is fitted with cylinder cam to offer more favorable sealing and brings less impact on door dimensional stability. Our handle-operated door lock is also compatible with dual-hook locking mechanism (SDLH53.33.23C) to provide more security.

General Configuration

No. Item Code Spindle Size/Space Static Locking Plate Width Square Spindle
1 Locking Mechanism SDLH51.33.20C 33mm/92mm 20mm 8×8mm
SDLH51.26.20C 26mm/92mm 20mm 8×8mm
2 Keep ALP10.00.021
3 Espag ALR10.00.021
4 Door Keep ALPD50.05.021L/R
5 Locking Mechanism (Dual Hook) SDLH53.33.23C 33mm/92mm 23mm 8×8mm
6 Keep for Dual Hook LPD50.01.38
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