AH20 Inward Opening Side Hung Window Fitting

The AH20 inward opening side hung window fitting is the economical window hardware solution. This window accessory shows excellence in terms of cost containment and adaptability.

Our side hung window fitting is inward open, thus bypassing potential risks of cleaning panes of outward opening window. Moreover, window handle in this hardware solution is mainly in white color. However, various color options, such as painted black, silver, bronze, are also presented to cater to you needs.

General Configuration (White Color)

Item Code Unit Quantity Note
1. Handle AH20.22.07 Pcs 1 White
2. Drive Gear ATP10.00.021 Pcs 1
3. Mushroom Cam ALC10.00.021 Pcs 2
4. Window Keep ALP10.00.021 Pcs 2
5. Two Leaf Hinge TSH20.07 Pcs 3 Sash weight: 50kg
Note: Handle is available in painted black, silver and bronze.
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