ATT60 Aluminum Tilt and Turn Window Fitting

The ATT60 aluminum tilt and turn window fitting is the similar window hardware series with ATT50 series. This series of furniture hardware comes with distinguished hinge packs. The loading capacity reaches 130kg, whereby our large aluminum tilt and turn window fitting is highly recommended for buildings such as villas where illumination and ventilation are primary concerns.

General Configuration (Tilt and Turn Window in Color of Silver Oxide)

Item Code Unit Quantity Note
1. Handle AH606.22.011 Pcs 1 Color of silver oxide
2. Hinge Pack AHA60.00.011 Set 1 Color of silver oxide
3. Drive Gear AD10.00.021 Set 1
4. Stay Arm (less than 600mm) ASA50.30.021 Set 1 450-800mm
5. Stay Arm (longer than 600mm) ASA50.50.021 Set 1 595-1000mm
Note 1: Hinge Pack Color Options
2. Hinge Pack AHA60.00.04 Set 1 Color of copper oxide
AHA60.00.07 Set 1 Painted white
AHA60.00.069 Set 1 Painted black
Note 2: Handle Color Options
1. Handle AH606.22.04 Pcs 1 Color of copper oxide
AH606.22.07 Pcs 1 Painted white
AH606.22.069 Pcs 1 Painted black
Note 3: Options
6. Centre Lock Drive AMCT10.00.021 Pcs 1
7. Mushroom Cam ALC10.00.021 Pcs 1
8. Espag ALR10.00.021 Pcs 1
9. Window Keep ALP10.00.021 Pcs 1
10. Additional Stay Arm AASA10.00.021 Pcs 1
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